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Logos are critical aspect of business market and are intended to be the ‘face’ of the company. Our Feng Shui logo is designed in a way to provide a sense of service, trust and achievement.The ‘blue’ represents the ‘Sky’ which is our limit and ‘Sea’ which represents our passion to explore beneath the sea level. The golden color represents achievements and satisfaction.The logo design is symbolizing the golden drop of oil with ‘I’ of Injaz crossing through, expressing the exploration and exploitation of oil with the expertise and advanced solutions of Injaz experts.      


Tel  | 24651728 & 24651729
Fax | 24563560
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Maktabi  Business Centre Al Watiyah Building No | 458, Street No | 41 P.O. Box 1982 , PC 111 , Muscat

Injaz office Fifth Floor, Office No | 524