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Our Geosteering software is one of the best in the industry that is fully robust, dynamic and able to handle the complex geological scenarios and advance LWD tools. The integrated approach to optimize the wellbore position within thin and challenging target intervals is not a big challenge for us. The software is providing Model-based and Strata-based Geosteering which fits in the need of all customers worldwide. The software has the ability to display 3D view of realtime horizontal well with surrounding offset wells on geological surfaces. A plan view feature helps in seeing the wells location and position from bird-view with the ability to measure the distance between the wells and reading their data directly. The scale on Geosteering cross-section is not limited to MD vs TVD but there is an option of vertical section Vs TVD /TVDss / TVT. The flexibility of scales horizontally and vertically make the software very effective for geological and drilling teams. A backdrop of Seismic image in cross-section feature is very attractive for geologists/geophysicists to visualize the well placement on seismic image. 

The WITSML is developed to handle all the data of any directional drilling providing services company to acquire realtime data from rigsite. Our team of experts with particular experience in Oman can provide the software as well as Geosteering support to the customers.
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