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Our wellsite geology software is under license from Trivision Geosystems. "Power*Suite" is an intelligent geological software that provides seven modules to incorporate all geological services at rigsite amd these are: Power*Log, Power*Curve, Power*Core, Power*Module, Power*Steer, TVD Module, VS Module and SV Module.

Power*Log has the strong capability to create geological composite log with the side track feature, integration of LWD logs and logs correlation. More than 800 symbols are available with the ability to modify.
Power*Curve application is designed for deviated and horizontal wells. All the LWD, geological data, lithology and well path can be converted to horizontal log templates and are true representation of horizontal well.

Power*Core is an advanced package of Power*Log with additional features specifically used for core logs. The additional features are age, bedding contacts, rock texture, bioturbation, core sample code, generic symbols, porosity, permeability, sedimentary structures, fossils and core photos.

Power*Steer is a wellsite application for basic geosteering utility for the wellsite geologist to make real time decisions while drilling horizontal wells.

TVD*module has the ability to convert all geological data, core log data, lithology and logging curves into TVD and TVDss. It has the ability to view the logs in MD, TVD or TVDss.
VS*Module converts all the horizontal well data into vertical section depth and the plot is dependent on survey file to calculate vertical section. The vertical section azimuth is important to calculate the vertical section depths.



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