E&P Data Management and Archiving

Injaz provides integrated and smart data management, digitization and archiving services and consultation to the customers inside and outside oil and gas sector.

Exploration and producation (E&P) data management deals with handling incompatible information from drilling and completions operations. The information typically includes exploration data (e.g. seismic surveys), production data (e.g. hourly flow reading) and interpreted data, in the form of information that includes raw and processed seismic data, well data and dynamic reservoir models. Geo-scientists and engineers need quick accessibility of the valid data to fulfill their tasks smartly. In the current era of technology; the E&P data management has become vast field with state-of-the-art tools and solutions.

The other services are as follows:
Data Management / Record Management
Transform unstructured data into structured form
Warehouse designing and management
Tape Transcription
Data / Document scanning & digitizing services
Software designing & development
Web application designing & development
Android application designing & development


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