Geosteering is the optimal well placement of highly deviated / horizontal wells in the optimum zone of target interval with the following:
  1. - Fit-for-purpose LWD tools,  
  2. - Directional tools,
  3. - Advanced software support,
  4. - 24/7 communication
  5. - Geosteering specialist                             

  • The purpose of Geosteering is to reduce the drilling time and cost and to maximize production by avoid drilling ‘Unwanted Zones’ and staying in the optimum pay zone.
  • We offer 2 x 12hrs Geosteering specialists covering 24hrs drilling operations through customer’s office, RTO center or as per Customer’s requirement.
  • Using real-time acquired LWD and directional surveys data through online streaming, the data is compared with the predicted and modeled curves obtained from offset wells. The comparison and correlation of modeled and real-time curves result in shifting of geological layers. The shift in the layers helps in adjusting the wellbore trajectory to optimize the wellbore position within the optimum part of target interval. The borehole images help in understanding the wellbore position relative to the stratigraphy when Geosteering in layers having similar top and bottom responses.
  • The state-of-the-art deep azimuthal resistivity tools enable the geosteerer to make decisions proactively. The proactive decisions help in adjustment of trajectory even before approaching closer to the bed boundary, wet or unwanted zone.
  • Our Geosteering software is interactive and very dynamic to fit in the customer’s need. The capability to visualize 2D cross-section, map view and 3D view helps in better understanding the wellbore position in relation to surfaces and nearby offset wells. Additionally, the option of different horizontal and vertical scales in the cross-section and vertical logs cater the need of all customers.
  • The ability to fetch the real-time LWD and surveys data through WITSML server makes the software very powerful, flexible and versatile to plug-in with any directional drilling services provider.
  • Interestingly, the software is updated time to time with any advancements in the geosteering technology that makes it more versatile and powerful. Worthmentioning, Starsteer is used by the oil and gas giants such as BP, Repsol and many more. 

Why Us?

We are an independent Geosteering company and work on the philosophy of considering the customer’s well as our well. Our objective is to minimize the drilling cost and time and to maximize the hydrocarbons production. Our aim is to minimize the LWD measurement tools to mitigate the cost of production. We are honest and transparent in the selection of tools. Our specialists have broad Geosteering experience in Oman GCC countries and Europe with strong understanding of challenges in the region and their solutions.


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