Wellsite Geology

The wellsite Geology services are provided to cover and monitor 24 x 7 operation at Rigsite. The wellsite geologist would be responsible for cuttings analysis, HC shows, Total Gas detection. He would also be responsible for picking of formation tops, casing and coring points.Our wellsite geologists use their own hydrocarbon gas detector and thus mudlogging unit is not required which offers a considerable cost saving for our clients. 

We use a well-established software Power*Suite which provides customized solution and formats for all wellsite jobs, including but not limited to; Drilling parameters, LWD curves, core logs, composite logs, horizontal well logs and vertical section. The WITSML support helps in fetching the real-time data from drilling contractor or drilling services provider.
Why Us?

Our Wellsite Geologists are equipped with microscope, UV Box, chemicals and Hydrocarbon gas detector. The ability of software to incorporate drilling, Gas and LWD data together make the job versatile and avoid the costly mudlogging units and additional crew on location. Our hydrocarbon gas detector detects HC gas at every 1 second. Our Retina gas chromatograph resolves Full C1- C5 molecules in every two seconds. Our Wellsite Geologists are trained on pore pressure estimation and can provide additional service on demand without the need of mudlogging unit. The highly trained and experienced professionals provide timely solutions, make real-time decisions and help in reducing NPT.
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A Composite Log Sample
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A Mudlog Sample
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A Horizontal well Log Sample
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A Core Log Sample


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